How To Increase Seman

How To Increase Seman – Human bodies are different from other living specimens in various ways. While some have sex simply to satisfy their physical desires, humans are the only species that enjoy sex to satiate their physical needs as well as to effectively fertilize women in order to start a family that can benefit them as they grow older.

How To Increase Seman – Sadly, not all humans are lucky enough to have normal sexual function, and some of them are afflicted with one or more sexual difficulties like sexual debility, premature ejaculation, a low libido, infertility or erectile dysfunction, among others. How To Increase Seman – One of these types of problems is a decrease in semen volume that might have not have enough sperm necessary to fertilize the ovum (the female egg). Experts think that low sperm volume is not only a cause of infertility since low sperm volume often does have enough sperm to fertilize a woman, but also a cause of sexual dissatisfaction when achieving orgasm

How To Increase Seman – You can increase the chances of fertilization, as well as achieving sexual satisfaction, by getting a higher volume of ejaculate. Semen that is ejaculated with force provides a much more pleasing orgasm than when it comes out with a weak force. How To Increase Seman – This is due to the fact that when ejaculate comes out with force, it requires an increased blood flow to the penis that creates a larger degree of satisfaction. Conversely, the female feels this force on the wall of the uterus, and therefore is more sexually satisfied as well.

Methods to increase the volume of your ejaculate:

1) How To Increase Seman – Eat lots of dairy. Make sure to stay away from dairy products that contain lots of cholesterol or fat. It’s said that milk is the best food to consume in order to increase sperm count and semen volume. It’s recognized as one of the most useful natural aphrodisiac beverages.

2) How To Increase Seman – Incorporate dark, green and leafy vegetables into your diet, because they contain natural plant hormones that assist in increasing male sex hormones that therefore increase the volume of your ejaculate. How To Increase Seman – Some of the vegetables that help restore sexual functioning are beetroot, cucumber, Indian gooseberry (amla) ginger and pepper.

3) How To Increase Seman – Eat lots of fresh fruits. Fresh fruits have high levels of micro and macro nutrients that assist in strengthening the male reproductive organs responsible for an increase in sperm volume. You can either eat fresh fruits or drunk juices made from them. Juices that contain papaya (without seeds), avocado, watermelon and mango are thought to be extremely helpful in enahncing the male reproductive system.

4) How To Increase Seman – Numerous health care providers recommend natural or herbal therapy to increase the volume of your ejaculate. Herbs that have been prescribed to treat all sorts of male sexual problems include ashwagandha, guduchi, guggulu, amalaki (Indian gooseberry), ginger, garlic and mucuna. Additionally, they are reported to increase the volume of ejaculate by stimulating male sexual organs without coming with any negative side affects.

How To Increase Seman – Practicing Yoga or Pranayama, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, also can assist in increasing sperm count. Males need to refrain from smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol or masturbating too much since all these things can cause a decrease in sperm volume and male libido.

How To Increase Seman

How To Increase Seman

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